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cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes, and can even survive being submerged under water for half an hour. They hold their breath often to help regulate their loss of water. Cockroaches can run up to three miles in an hour, which means they can spread germs and bacteria throughout a home very quickly.

Bed Bugs




Wood Borer

It causes more damage in structural timbers and joinery than in furniture. The females lay their eggs in cracks in the surface of wood or inside old exit holes. The eggs hatch into larvae in a few weeks and bore into the wood. The larvae mature over 3-4 years, eating their way through the timber.


Termite colonies eat non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!  Dampwood termites are normally larger in size than other termite species. Like drywood termites, dampwood colonies don’t have workers.Termites are often called the silent destroyer because they may be secretly hiding and thriving.


Rodents are a part of this world, but they don't need to be invading your homes and yards. Rodents make excellent “vehicles” for harboring and transporting diseases. Keep your family and pets safe by learning about different rodent-borne disease, their symptoms, and how they are transmitted.

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"I used Pest Magic for spraying. They come out when I want them to. They also guaranteed their work and also they checked to make sure that I don’t have termites. If there is an infestation of termites, they agreed to cover that under the same plan. They were on time and very professional. They didn’t say I have to stay under the contract. He is very thorough and explained what he was doing.  " SLINDILE DLAMINI

"These guys are extremely cordial and professional. Guarantee their work and are always on time with a smile. I would recommend them any time.They came promptly, it was easy to reach some one and schedule appointment. I will continue to use their services. Very satisfied. "kyle thompson


"I have been using your services for several years and I would like to comment how pleased I am with service I receive. My wife and I always request Pest Magic, as our pest control company whenever possible. Pest Magic is always on time, very professional, informative, courteous and always has a smile on his face. Its like having a family member over when he arrives. They remember that we have cats and is adaptable to our needs and offers helpful information when we have questions about any pest control matters. We always look forward to Pest Magic visiting and feel very comfortable that we are getting the very best service from them.Ryn Hughson


"Pest Magic did a great job of handling a small termite issue and a slightly larger drainage issue for our new house when we moved in. The job was done well, with no indication that they were ever here. We are very pleased with the results, and would recommend them to anyone that needed termite or drainage work done.."Andersen Madlala